If you are a shipper/BCO, freight forwarder or someone responsible for logistics and supply chain management, you know that ocean freight pricing is unstable, to say the least.

The shipping rates are volatile and, currently, there is no full standard or transparency into container pricing.


You may actually think that you have received the best possible shipping price from your supplier. Maybe you have or maybe you have to think again.

It's time you get full transparency into ocean freight rates and change the way you procure your container freight with actionable data and intelligence. 


If you could get a full in-depth look into the market average prices and see how your prices compare in real time, wouldn't you? 

If you could analyze your freight spend per trading route, per volume against daily market averages, highs and lows, all in real time and on demand, wouldn't you? Now you can. Learn more. 

Ocean Freight Shipping Prices Review