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When you secure long-term contracts for your cargo, you are more than likely to do an extensive market monitoring during the lengthy RFP/tendering process to make sure you're on top of every ebb and flow.

After this tedious period comes to an end, you may not revisit the state of the market until your contract period starts coming to an end.

Is this a good strategy?

Do you know that there is a bountiful of market-rate data available that can unearth better savings potential, get you more market visibility and help you, manage your ocean freight procurement to make strategic decisions in advance?

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How to stay ahead of the market and not miss out on opportunities by monitoring the market only in the RFP period

  • How to make sure your cargo is not at risk of being short shipped

  • How to implement monitoring strategies shown live on the Far East to North Europe  trade lane

  • How to derive useful and actionable information from real-time freight rate data


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