Xeneta Summit 2023

Compliance Guidelines

for Antitrust and Competition

Xeneta Events Code of Conduct

In our effort to bring transparency to the ocean and air freight market, Xeneta requires the highest standard of corporate behavior and all its stakeholders, and attendees to commit to our values and standards. To pursue our mission to be the global reference point for ocean and air freight pricing we provide conferences and attend numerous events.  

Attendees play a significant role in achieving transparency in the ocean and air freight market. We value common understanding of ethical values and business best practices. Attendees are recommended to make their own legal assessment and evaluate its compliance with their organization's policies. 

We encourage our Attendees to pause, protest and/or terminate any discussion or meeting activities that appear to violate the Xeneta Events Code of Conduct.  

Xeneta and attendees must take appropriate steps to safeguard and maintain confidentiality of all attendees.  

By participating in Xeneta events, you agree to comply with this Xeneta Events Code of Conduct: 



Xeneta does tolerate conduct that restricts free and fair competition.  Xeneta complies with all applicable laws and guidelines, including but not limited to the UN Convention against Corruption, the OECDs Anti-Bribery Convention, US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and UK Bribery Act.  

Attendees shall not offer, pay, request, or accept any bribes, including but not limited to active bribes, passive bribes, and facilitation payments.  

Attendees shall not discuss company-specific bids, prices, rates, or features that can affect or impede free and fair competition, including but not limited to discounts, costs, terms and conditions, warranties, rebates, profit margins, or restrictions on volume, to blacklist or boycott other market members or to conspire to exclude or refrain other members from the market. All conversations held during Xeneta events must be conducted in a manner consistent with this Code of Conduct; and any suspected violation of the above shall be report to compliance@xeneta.com. 


Discrimination, Diversity, and Inclusion  

In alignment with our values Xeneta is dedicated to providing events that are transparent, welcoming, respectful, safe, and accessible environment for all attendees. Xeneta events foster an environment where collaboration can thrive, innovation is abundant and encouraged, and all attendees are provided the opportunity to learn and grow.  

Attendees shall respect diversity and shall not discriminate based upon ethnicity, skin color, religion, gender, background, age, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, pregnancy, marital status, labor union membership, etc.