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Achieve Strategic Data-Driven Decisions

On average, it takes up to 9 months for a company to tender, negotiate, and source global shipping routes. That’s months of manual labor for your logistics procurement teams. At Xeneta, our goal is to help cut that time down with accurate and actionable data, giving you the time for strategic, data-driven decisions that support the company’s bottom line.


A database of over 200 million rates providing the most accurate view of the market.


Use technology to unite and act as a whole organization. 


Insights to model and minimize the risk of supply-chain and procurement performance.   

Spend analysis, budgeting & reporting

  • Evaluate performance vs cost relative to the market.
  • Improve stakeholder communication
  • Budget and forecast freight rates

Strategic sourcing

  • Align complex supply chains
  • Focus on bids outside of the market average
  • Return more targeted responses in the second round

Contract management

  • Leverage your supplier negotiations with accurate data
  • Foster mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers

Meet some of the forward-thinking companies who are using Xeneta to drive strategic freight procurement and supply chain management.

Customer Stories