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Watch Review of Q3 2018 Ocean Freight Rates

The tendering and bidding season has begun. However, due to the lack of reliable data and multiple bidding rounds, the tendering process can become long and cumbersome. This may not leave you with enough time and resources to focus on what really matters in your supply chain.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Review the past quarter's ocean freight rates for the main trade lanes
  • Discover how you can review and monitor the market in real time
  • Apply this ocean rate market intelligence to optimize your tendering and bidding process

Review of the Q3 2018 rates for the three routes:

  • North Europe – Far East

  •  Far East – North Europe

  •  Far East – N. America West Coast

  • North Europe – North America

Who Should Watch This Webinar

Professionals in: 

  • ocean freight, procurement, logistics,  transportation, supply chain

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