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July 5th, 9:00am | Free Breakfast Seminar
Exclusive Event for Shippers

Companies all over the world are buying freight in a highly volatile market with no transparency. They share the same struggle; achieving the best possible rate externally and proving performance internally.

This seminar will address the following topics:

  • A brief introduction to how Xeneta provides accurate ocean and air freight rate benchmarks & market intelligence to optimize procurement performance
  • An analysis of current ocean freight rate market trends with uses cases tackling questions such as:
    • “The spot market is rising. What does this mean for my rates?”
    • “Will the GRI be successful? What is the  long-term impact?”
    • “Will it be more favorable to change my contract duration? Will the spot market fall below the long-term market?”
  • … and more 

Bonus Learning at This Seminar

Via a LIVE demo of Xeneta, experts will present how Xeneta can give you the real-time freight rate data you need to, for example: 

  • Prepare for RFQs
  • Benchmark tenders
  • Drive negotiations based on data
  • Budget future costs
  • Assess risks 


Date & Time
Thursday, July 5th 
09:00 am - 10:00 am Sign-in & Networking Breakfast
10:00 am - 12:00 pm Seminar

evofenedex, Signaalrood 60, 2718 SG Zoetermeer (Wijk18)2700 AJ Zoetermeer (map)

Host and Presenter:
Patrik Berglund-minPatrik Berglund
CEO & Co-Founder, Xeneta

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