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Open application 

What makes Xeneta unique in your opinion?

Brittany, Account Executive

"It's kind of a perspective thing. For me, the global aspect makes Xeneta unique. Another interesting aspect of Xeneta is the industries it operates in: logistics, global trade, operations combine with tech and startup culture and create a juxtaposition that is fun to see. "


Tammy, Strategic Account Executive 

"The product is awesome. I think it's something the ocean industry  has been needing for a long time. I have a long background in ocean logistics and software sales and shippers have been needing this for a while."

What are you most excited to do or learn in Xeneta in the next few months?

Brittany, Account Executive 

"I’m excited to have a solid foundation on the market and then to start following myself some of the ins and out of why our customers sign, don’t sign, stay, or don’t stay. That will inform my future sales strategy."


Tammy, Strategic Account Executive

"Sky’s the limit to be honest. Once the product gets going, I think we’ll have plenty of opportunities to keep going and experience many levels of success."


Perks and Vibe

  • Flexible Hours

    Work from home when needed, go to the dentist, when it aches. We’re not sticklers on this as long as you get done what is expected from you.
  • Generous amount of vacation

    It’s not all work and no time to relax. 20 days of vacation and all federal holidays are for you to recharge your batteries so you bring your A game. 


  • Insurance

    We cover 100% of your dental, health and vision insurance and 50% of your dependents. Travel and legal insurance are also part of the deal. 
  • Team Lunches

    Eating is a community activity where we come together to chat over the latest TV shows or just plain silly happenings.
  • Central Office Location

    Our New York office is centrally located at Brooklyn and is easily accessible by public transportation.

  • Get what you need

    Mac, PC, special mouse, standing desk, snacks, coffee. We give you what you need to make sure you get stuff done.