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HSE24 & Rhenus increase customer satisfaction & team efficiency with the XSI™, index-based ocean freight rate contracting

HSE24 is Germany's first shopping channel and one of the largest home shopping providers in Europe. Initially focused on TV shopping, the company has developed into an omnichannel retailer presenting its brands and products to more than two million enthusiastic TV and online shopping customers. HSE24 has a strong focus on customer satisfaction and has received several awards for its customer orientation and excellent service. 

The HSE24 Group employs around 1,400 people, including employees at call centers and logistics partners, creating more than 4,300 jobs. For Germany, Austria and Switzerland alone, an average of 42,000 calls and 34,000 parcels are handled daily, with over 80,000 parcels at peak times. To meet demand, HSE24 imports large quantities of goods from Asia. To ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty, the company relies heavily on stable transport and guaranteed shipments. 

Together with Rhenus Logistics, one of the leading European logistics companies, HSE24 has subscribed to Xeneta’s index-based contracting product, XSI. Based on an initially negotiated input freight tariff (Index 100), Xeneta now provides the monthly freight rate fluctuation compared to the output index. This way HSE24 can be sure that freight rates always correspond to the current market situation. At the same time, Rhenus Logistics guarantees to HSE24 that they can ship their freight at the agreed market prices and on the agreed dates.

HSE24 can, therefore, be confident that the goods will be shipped on schedule so that all customer orders are fulfilled. With the Xeneta platform, the HSE24 logistics team can make transport purchasing highly efficient without being directly exposed to volatile market movements.