[Infographic] 12 Steps to Benchmarking Anything in Your Supply Chain

Xeneta-12-steps-benchmarking-new-409593-edited.pngWe have broken up the benchmarking process into 12 easy steps. Whether you are responsible for ocean freight, logistics handling or any other part of the supply chain, these 12 steps to benchmarking anything in your supply chain can help you get started.

The key to remember is that we can always check the health of our processes and find ways to improve. We owe it ourselves to find out how we are doing and we are also owed the ability to get factual information which will help us improve.

The 12 Steps to Benchmarking Anything in Your Supply Chain

  1. Select your area for improvement
  2. Define the process
  3. Identify potential partners for comparison
  4. Identify data sources
  5. Collect your data
  6. Identify discrepancies
  7. Establish process differences
  8. Set goals for change
  9. Communicate internally and externally
  10. Align goals
  11. Implement 
  12. Review results and adjust

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